Dear visitor, welcome to my photo site.

My name is Hans Kool and I take great pleasure in nature for taking pictures. My main goal is photographing birds but I also love photographing mammals and landscapes. My hometown is on the edge of the dunes, so in my spare time I often can be found there, even the polder is within walking distance for me. I regularly visit natureparks as the Oostvaardersplassen, Zwanenwater, Robbenoordbos, AWD and the Hoge Veluwe. You will understand that the spring is one of my favourite seasons, especially the months of April and May. When taking the pictures, patience is one of the most important qualities you must possess. To give you the best and most realistic pictures of my experience, I place the pictures most natural. My works can also be seen at the website of Naturalis: This site is regularly updated. Each week this site will be update with recent work and on the first of every month there is a new picture of the month to see, you might like to follow that.

I think you will enjoy if you take enough time to look at the photos.


Steenmarter - Stone marten - Garduña

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